Mortem Simulans

Carmel O'Brien & Sukaina Kubba

Merchant City Design Festival, Glasgow

Featured in HommAges No. 1, 2018 

Originally a kinetic installation with automated cast and constructed garment forms, with symbiotic sound, exhibited as part of Merchant City Design Festival, Glasgow.

Mortem Simulans explored the intersections of applied surfaces, layered paint and artificial skin as a means to creating mechanised bodies of work within a mise-en scene.  The installation was inspired by silhouettes, motifs and ideas from Marcel Duchamp’s ‘The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even.’

All garments are unique.

Latex design & fabrication: Carmel O'Brien & Sukaina Kubba

Models: MV Brown, Sukaina Kubba & Carmel O'Brien

Makeup: MV Brown

Photography: Tine Beck

Supported by Glasgow Life & Merchant City Festival

Special thanks to Lesley Hepburn, Mairi Mackenzie & IOTA, Glasgow