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Neu Pneumatik !

Glasgow International 2018

New Glasgow Society

21st April - 7th May 2018

NEU PNEUMATIK! was the inaugural project of HommAges and took the form of a site specific installation with a series of live performances and magazine publication.  Following the group’s central objectives Neu Pneumatik! investigated the critical status of fetishism and desire in relation to commodity consumption, through the lens of emerging digital fabrication technology and its incremental colonization of the concrete world. Through a combination of costume/object design, actionism, magazine publication, audio and video this exhibition sought to embody the spectrum between dissolving anthropological agencies and the autonomous delinquency of objects. 


Concept, design, audio, video & painting : Craig Mulholland
Latex design & fabrication: Carmel O'Brien

Performance, sculpture & video: Madeleine V Brown

MVB x HommAges Performances:


'Living Lipstick’
‘Devil’s Milk’ 
‘Showroom Dummy’

Photography: Sofie Adelsparre, Natalie McGowan & Craig Mulholland

Supported by The Hope Scott Trust

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